Our Commitment 
To supply products of the highest standards with full Identity Preservation and traceability to the food industry.
To understand and interpret market conditions, dynamics and trends.
To help strengthen our clients' position in the market place through partnership management.
To manage distribution needs safely and efficiently.
To perform our duties and conduct our business in the most responsible manner economically and socially.
To position ourselves as a centre of excellence and best practice in the food industry.
Our History
Our story began in 1984 with a big idea and a little bean.
Who is Soya International?
We are a global food ingredients supplier. We offer high quality, nutritious and wholesome products tailored to your specific requirements.

Since our inception we have been dedicated to provide unique food solutions, proven through extensive research and our commitment to develop and implement long-term solutions for the world market.

Experts in problem solving and globally positioned to deliver effective and technologically advanced solutions for your ingredients requirements. No wonder we are fast becoming a world leading supplier.

We offer a range of food ingredients which have been independently approved and accredited enabling us to provide our clients with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.